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Company English Name Changed Notification

Company English Name Changed Notification

Dear Partner:

Thank you very much for your support over these years?! To meet the needs of the company’s global business development and long-term strategic development of our company original English name “Shenzhen Boanying Technology CO., LTD” was officially changed to ?”BOIN-E Technology CO., LTD” at December 6, 2013, using trademark “BOIN-E” using the URL as: http://www.boanying.com and http://boanying.com.

After the English company name changed, the company’s legal subject status unchanged, shareholders and shareholding structure unchanged, debt, debt relations remain unchanged, and the legal documents of the original contract signed unaffected and continue to fulfill the original contact office address remains unchanged.

Company name change due to the inconvenience to you, we apologize!

We sincerely thank you for the consistent support and care, we will continue to keep you with a happy cooperative relations, and hopes to continue to receive your care and support!

Notice is hereby given.

BOIN-E Technology Co., Ltd.
December 6, 2013