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For your systems and products

--Supply video image analysis of value-added services

We provides a comprehensive image processing, analysis and identification solutions (Solutions), standard products, flexible middleware, modules, SDK, etc., for system integrators (SI). maximum to meet customer demand for customers a variety of projects, the system provides the greatest technical value-added services, collaborative system integrators work together to end-users (End-User) to provide the highest quality most cost-effective products and best service.

Our image analysis products from the SDK to complete middleware software, from PC software to embedded hardware, from 1 channel image processor to the 4 channels image processor, video analysis from monocular to binocular video analysis, or even three eyes or more eyes video analysis, from stand-alone product to integrate embedded camera modules.

Image analysis of our products include:

  • PC Software (Application Software)
  • Embedded hardware (Embedded Device)
  • SDK(Software Development Kits)
  • Product program (Image Analysis Solutions)
  • Middleware

Covering areas such as video surveillance, intelligent transportation, finance, security, civil and other needs of intelligent visual image detection, analysis and processing.