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iBoin-VPC debut Shanghai World Expo

April 2010, the Boening’s VPC stereo-camera counter on the number of counting precision and stable exact disdain the counterparts, and unique and luxurious appearance, successfully used for the Italian Pavilion of the 2010 World Exposition in Shanghai and Shenzhen Museum.

Italian Pavilion

Italy Pavilion for a total of five gates, two in and three out, each door width of 1.5 meters, the installation height of 3.0 meters, accurate real-time statistics and out of each door and out the number and the museum the actual number of visitors, the original data applications in the background the data.

During the Expo, throughout the Italian Pavilion overcrowding situation, the background count and control system will alarm, real-time notification of security personnel to control and channeling of the flow of people, to prevent the visitors crowded and unsafe factors. At the same time, visitors and out the door without the required direction (reverse), the system will prompt the security personnel to guide.

To tie in with the beautiful decoration of the Italian Pavilion, reduce cabling, the video people counting system using GPRS wireless transmission the number of transmitted data through the built-in serial port 232 and GPRS serial port to the background, the number of VPC-21 binocular counter connection, real-time and out of the number of data uploaded.

Through a trial run, stress tests, rehearsals and conducting the actual effect, regardless of day or night, all kinds of outdoor light, the Boanying of the VPC-21 binocular number of counters up to 98% counting accuracy of Italy, the World Expo organization international Exhibitions Bureau, the full recognition and praise .

Shenzhen Museum

Shenzhen Museum, in and out of a door, installed a VPC-21 binocular number of counters, real-time access to a number of people entering the museum the actual number of visitors. These data in the background, the number of statistical reports by the histograms, pie charts and line charts in real time rendering, and may at any time and statistics.

Shenzhen Pavilion is located in the Urban Best Practices Area of Shanghai World Expo, the first, at the Expo Exhibition games Puxi East Area Urban Best Practices Area to finalize the physical exhibitors Case 13, the exhibition hall display case 37, the Shenzhen Museum is located at the pavilion of which the Ministry ofB3-2 region. Four display areas in the Urban Best Practices Area – livable homes, sustainable urbanization, historical heritage protection and utilization of the technological innovation of the founding of the city environment; Shenzhen Museum is a livable home “subject area. Shenzhen Museum covers an area of 390 square meters, construction area of 600 square meters. The form of a trilogy, the entire exhibition building, a total of 17 works.