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Smart Planet

“Smarter planet” concept is raised in November 2008 by IBM, in January 2009, United States President Barack Obama affirmed the IBM “smarter planet”, in August 2009, IBM also published 《Wisdom earth win in China》plan, officially unveiled the IBM “smarter planet” prologue of China strategy. Technology development and distribution around the world for nearly two years, IBM “smarter planet” strategy has been universally accepted by States. Digital, networked and intelligent, is recognized as the future trend of social development, regardless of the “smarter planet” closely related things, such as cloud computing, more become the focus of developed countries in formulating national development strategies of science and technology. Since 2009, the United States, the European Union, Japan and Korea have launched their own things, such as cloud computing relevant development strategies.

In the IBM 《Wisdom earth win in China》plan, IBM tailored for the Chinese six wisdom solutions: “Smart Power”, “Medical Wisdom”, “Intelligent City”, “Smart Traffic”, “supply chain wisdom” and ” Smart Banking.” Along with the development of Internet in China, rising cloud computing boom, IBM “calculation of wisdom”, “data center of wisdom” also invested more in areas such as research and development efforts, and actively seek cooperation with relevant national agencies. Since 2009, the wisdom of IBM solutions have been continuously at all levels in the country to advance. Statistics show that only intelligent city, there are hundreds of cities in China is being or is about to work in partnership with IBM.

Note: This article taken from the network article are edited for reference only